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Culver Development was founded in 2003 by Scott Culver, whose original vision has inspired nearly a decade plus of tremendous growth. Headquartered in Detroit, Michigan we have remained at the forefront of the construction industry with a keen focus on self-performed trades.

While concrete construction services, of all types, has been core to our company, we have also been able to help chart new paths.

Over the last four years there has been a major push by the automotive manufacturers to transform and automate their factories with an increasing level of robotics, laser booths, and turntables. Culver Development was initially chosen to be part of this business transformation by Chrysler, and today continues to help the automotive manufacturers and their system integrator’s lead this new charge.


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The morals that founded Culver Development are the values that help us stand large amongst our competition today. Our honesty, assurance to quality, and loyalty to the relationships we form are the bedrock of our brand.

Quality & Client Service: Identifying and serving client needs is the only way to grow and prosper.

Honesty & Integrity: Culver Development delivers on its obligations on time, every time. No compromises.

Safety: A safe workplace remains our first priority.

People: Hire the best people, then provide them with the training and resources to get the job done.