Culver Development Safety, Health, and Environmental Plan

Beaumont Emergency drive Pour

Safety is one of Culver Developments most important core values and our philosophy has always been a commitment to ensuring the safety and welfare of not only our employees, but those of our customers! We have been dedicated to all things safe since day one and we expect nothing less from anyone involved with our projects.

Our Safety culture begins with management and our corporate safety board which has developed and implemented our programs that play out daily to our field personnel including our Superintendents, Foremen, and crew members.

Each one of our Project Managers and Superintendents have been or are in the process of being OSHA 30 certified. In addition, many of our field personnel are OSHA 10 certified or have CPR/AED, and Red Cross first aid certifications.

Culver Development is very proud to have achieved and consistently implemented a high level of Safety, Health, and Environmental plans with all our project work, and to date have achieved and maintained the following Michigan Experience Ratings (EMR: Experience Modification Rate), RIR (Recordable Incident Rate), and DART (Days away,restricted or transferred) rates listed below.

           Michigan Experience Rating

         2013/14        2014/15      2015/16

EMR:  .79                  .79                .71

RIR:    0.0

DART: 0.0