Noun per·for·mance \pər-ˈfȯr-məns\

(definition :  the ability to performefficiency)

Quality concrete work is critical to the success of every construction project. Maintaining our own self-perform concrete division allows us to control the three most important variables in construction: Quality, Cost and Schedule. More than construction managers, we perform many categories of construction with our own teams. This self-performing allows direct control over our field crews and flexible response to programs and scope changes.

Due to the large volume of work and many years in the general construction business, we are able to perform very efficiently while maintaining control of schedules – a big plus for our clients.

At Culver Development we believe that the quality of concrete work is directly connected to the success of a project, which is why we maintain our own concrete crews. Our concrete experts are on hand at all of our sites, ensuring quality craftsmanship and successful projects. Culver Developments’ concrete specialists have been recognized locally and nationally for their quality and innovative work.

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