Manufacturing Programs, Rigging, and Installations

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In today’s world more manufacturers are switching and moving to automated assembly lines utilizing robotic equipment and technology to increase productivity and improve overall product output. Culver Development has been at the forefront of this manufacturing transition working with major manufacturers with their overall visions helping them devise their overall strategies to design, build, install, and or replace their new robotic assembly lines.

  • Design, Build, and Erect Laser Booth’s for automotive/manufacturing production lines.
  • New installations, assemble line removal, and Robot Cell relocation’s and replacements for all types of assembled manufacturing programs.
  • Design, build, and install automotive turntables, conveyor systems and fixtures.


Culver Development was chosen as a single source by Chrysler, back in 2012, to install Laser welding door lines for the Dodge Dart. This new Laser Welding Technology program was the first of its kind in a North American Automotive final assembly plant and a first for Culver Development. Over the last few years, we have developed expertise through major installations in the auto industry ranging from full Robotic line assemblage, to robot cell replacement, turntable installations, and Laser Booth design, build, and place.